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2024-2025 New Family Application

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In order to join the DasCHE Scholastic Co-operative, New Families are required to:

  1. Read through Dasche FAQS on the left hand side of our main webpage- www.dasche.org
  2. Complete the New Family Application (This form)
  3. Pay non-refundable $60 Application Fee that covers your background checks and a processing fee
  4. Complete a consent to a Background Check for each adult
  5. Complete a New Family Interview
  6. Upon acceptance, pay Dasche Yearly Membership Dues ($250 if paid by June 7th, $300 if paid by June 28th, $350 if paid after June 28th) ***Some payment platform choices may have a small additional processing fee

**No Co-op applications will be accepted after July 18 except by Administrative approval on a case-by-case basis.  If approved there is a $75 Administrative Late Fee. 

Please do not complete the form below until after you have reviewed the DASCHE FAQS on our Homepage and looked over our Co-op Handbook

Parent Information

1. *

Parent 1: First & Last Name 

2. *

Parent 2: First & Last Name (If there is only one parent in your household, please write "Does not apply")

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4. *

Primary phone number:

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Secondary phone number:

6. *

Primary e-mail address:

7. *

Parent 1: Employer

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Parent 2: Employer

Student Information

9. *

List the names and grades (as of Sept. 2024) of your children who will be participating in the scholastic co-op:

Your Home School Information

10. *

Who is primarily responsible for the schooling in your home?  (Who oversees the day-to-day instruction?)

11. *

How many years have you home schooled?

12. *

Which curriculum(s) do you use?

13. *

What is your family's purpose in home schooling?

14. *

How did you hear about DasCHE?

 (1 required)
Friends/family who are members Friends/family who are NOT members
Web search Other

If you answered "Other," please specify.

16. *

State why you wish for your child(ren) to attend this Co-op.

17. *

Are there any special challenges in your family (such as physical, mental, or emotional) that we should know about in order to better assist you?

18. *

Do any of your children consistently resist authority?


If yes, please explain.

20. *

Have any of your children been suspended or expelled from public, private or charter school?


If yes, please describe the situation that led to suspension or expulsion.

22. *

Are your students currently enrolled in or on a waiting list for another co-op, a charter, private or public school, or other school option?


If you answered yes, please explain your involvement.

24. *

Have you/your children participated in the DasCHE Scholastic Co-op in one or more previous years?


If so, what is the most recent school year in which you participated?

Service Hours

26. *

In the 2024-2025 school year, each family participating in the DasCHE Scholastic Co-op will be required to complete 28 service hours during the school year.  If your application is accepted, do you agree to complete these service hours?

 (1 required)
I agree


Your New Family Application requires (2) references.  If possible, one should be another home schooling family (preferably a member of DasCHE) who has known you and your children for at least one year.  The second may be a pastor, teacher, Sunday School teacher, etc. Family members do not qualify. 

Please share the following link with your two references and ask them to complete the Dasche Reference Check Form. This will need to be completed by 2 individuals for each child in your family that is joining Dasche. 

Dasche Reference Check Form Link: www.Dasche.org/ReferenceCheck

You are responsible to send this link to your references and followup with its submission if needed. We will not be able to move forward with the application process in scheduling a New Family Interview until these have been returned. 

Below is a sample email you can copy and send to your references if you would like an easy option:


Dear friend, 

Our family is applying to join Dasche which is a local christian homeschool group. We would love for you to act as one of our references! Could you please take a moment to complete a reference for our children so that we can move foward with the process? The link is: www.Dasche.org/ReferenceCheck

Thank you! 


27. *

I understand that I am responsible to provide the Reference Check Link to my two References and followup if needed to ensure they are submitted. I understand that my Membership process will not be able to move foward until this is completed. 

 (1 required)

Does someone else home school your children?  If not, please skip to the next section.


If someone else home schools your children, list the name of the tutor.

(Please note that he/she will be required to join DasCHE.)


List the tutor's email address.

The next five questions pertain to families who home school someone else's children.  If you only home school your own children, you may skip this section and move on to the Contracts below.


If you home school someone else’s child(ren), provide the parents' names.


List their email address.


List the student(s) names (both first and last names).


Will the students be attending Co-op?


Are they members of DasCHE?

NOTE - If their students will be attending Co-op, parents will be required to join DasCHE and attend a family interview (if they have not previously done so).

2024- 2025 Student and Parent Contracts 

35. *


  1. All students must abide by the DasCHE Dress Code

  2. Walk in the building. No “wheelies/skateboard shoes” are allowed.

  3. I understand that no food and drink will be consumed in classrooms aside from water. 

  4. Students should not use their cell phones during class. If a cell phone must be used the student may temporarily step outside the class door. Tutors may choose to collect cell phones being used and either return them at the end of class or the end of the co-op day. 

  5. Any item that could lead to danger or disruption including knives or weapons (play or real) should be left at home.  No smoking or vaping will be allowed on Campus. If any item causes a disruption during Co-op time, it will be taken up by the tutor or administrator and returned to the PARENT at the end of the day.  

  6. Students should refrain from inappropriate, intimate behaviors on campus or at school-related events & activities. This includes intimate or inappropriate conversation. Physical expressions such as friendly side hugs, handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, or pats on the back or shoulders are acceptable. Intimate physical expressions of affection that are not considered acceptable for co-op days are kissing, cuddling, back rubs, sitting on another's lap. FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL AND HIGHSCHOOL STUDENTS - Please review the entire policy in the Co-op Handbook. Your signature below acknowledges that you have read and agree to abide by the stated policy. 

  7. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated


DasCHE Dress Code:

- ID badges must be worn at all times during Co-op, on a lanyard around the neck. 

- Shirt/blouses will have sleeves or normal armholes, modest neckline, and be of modest length (i.e. no tank tops, halter-tops, or spaghetti straps, and no bare midriff or showing of midriff while wearing outfit)  No midriff skin, front or back, may be seen while the wearer is standing, sitting, bending over, reaching, or moving.

- No disruptive writing or pictures (vulgarity, violence, etc.) on T-shirts or other articles will be allowed.

- No see-through, skin-tight, or distracting clothing. Pants, shorts, and skirts must fit properly around the waist. 

- Shoes should be worn at all times and should be appropriate for all scheduled activities.

- All dresses, slits on dresses,  shorts, and skirts are to be no more than two (2) inches above the knee. Tights, yoga pants, and leggings are prohibited as pants. If they are worn they must be covered with a dress code-appropriate length dress or skirt.

- Rips, tears, and holes in pants and jeans that expose skin are to be no higher than two (2) inches above the knee. Leggings or tights are acceptable to wear underneath exposed holes and rips in jeans or pants in order to cover the exposed skin.


I have read and understand the DasCHE Student Contract. Signing this contract means I agree to abide by the rules listed above and the Co-op Handbook.


Parents please take a moment to read through the Co-op Handbook before signing the statements below - 2024-2025 Dasche Co-op Handbook

Each parent should read and agree to each statement below then show his consent by typing his name and today's date in box at the bottom of the page.

36. *

As parent(s)/guardian(s) of the child(ren) above, we commit to having reviewed the DasCHE Scholastic Co-op Handbook, to having reviewed the Student Guidelines and Dress Code with our child(ren), and to having clarified all questions raised.

 (1 required)
37. *

We have endeavored to help our child(ren) understand the seriousness of making a commitment and honoring his/her word.

I/We will abide by the principles, practices, and educational policies of the Co-op as set forth in the Handbook and in any future and necessary amendments.

I/We agree to be listed in the Co-op directory for information purposes only.   We will support those in authority over our child(ren) and hereby invest authority in this Co-op to discipline our child(ren) as necessary according to the policies stated in the Handbook

 (1 required)
38. *

I/We understand that the DasCHE Statement of Faith includes the governing principles by which DasCHE intends to conduct the educational commerce of the Cooperative and by which all tutors agree to abide.

 (1 required)
39. *

I/We pledge our support to the DasCHE Scholastic Co-op through PAYMENT OF FEES and ON TIME TUITION PAYMENTS.  I/We will assist our child(ren) in being prepared for class and in any assignments.  If questions arise, I/we will contact the tutor FIRST, then if necessary the Administrator.    I/We understand that the Co-op is a parent cooperative and will work to make the cooperative work for our own family as well as for the families of all other students.

 (1 required)
40. *

I/We will honor our commitment to each class we for which we register our child(ren), and will agree to pay all tuition for each class.  If I/we decide to drop a class, I/we will adhere to the Add/Drop Policy, which includes paying an Add/Drop fees of $10 per class period and all tuition due according to the posted schedule.

 (1 required)
41. *

I/We agree no member of our family will attend DasCHE events while knowingly ill.  Every child and adult in our household must be free of all symptoms for at least 48 hours before participating in any events.  Symptoms include: Fever (temperature over 100.0 degrees F), diarrhea, vomiting 2 or more times in the past 24 hours, body rash with fever, severe coughing, eye discharge, or any other communicable illness. 

If any person arrives with a temperature over 100.0 degrees F, they will not be allowed in the building.  If a student developes any of the above symptoms while at DasCHE, the child will be sent to a designated sick room and the parent will be notified immediately.  Parents agree to pick up the sick child within ONE HOUR.

 (1 required)
42. *

Our family (parents and children) agree to adhere to all DasCHE health and safety protocols while we are on campus.

 (1 required)
43. *

Parent(s) should indicate their agreement to this contract by typing their name(s) and today's date in the box below.