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About Us

Serving Home Schoolers in Dallas and the surrounding cities

Welcome to the DasCHE website. Please take a few moments and explore our site.

We at DasCHE operate under Christian principles and strive to minister to families living in Dallas County (and surrounding counties) with support and encouragement. As you shoulder the exciting privilege of home schooling your children, it is our desire to help you find the resources you need to enhance your home education experience. Whether you are a newcomer to home schooling or a seasoned veteran, DasCHE can provide to you opportunities for fellowship, educational activities, curriculum ideas or exchanges, up-to-date legal and political information, and venues to showcase what home education is all about - - our children.

 May God Bless your home school.


"The most important thing to know about home schooling is that it is educational freedom at work. And freedom produces better results than coercion. This country has gone so far down the road to socialism that most people have no idea what educational freedom means. What it means is freeing your family from the shackles of government education, and educating your children in conformity with your family's religious and moral values."

--Samuel L. Blumenfeld, The New American, Vol. 16, No. 22, October 23, 2000