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Biblical Basis

Biblical Basis

Though any homeschooler is welcome to participate, this support group is doing all things in a manner which honors Biblical principles. We are adopting a limited statement to these fundamental principles:

We believe the Scriptures to be inspired of God, inerrant and supreme, and the final authority of faith and life. We, therefore, hold as belief and conviction that children are given by God as a stewardship to the parent and not the state and that parents have the wherewithal and authority to teach and educate their own children. (Pr. 22:6; Deut. 6:6,7)

We are establishing this position to avoid conflict, which could arise within a support group with differing motivations and philosophical approaches to education.

By incorporating the Biblical Basis section in our By-Laws we are not saying that all or any of our members have to be Christian. We are simply saying that as we implement laws and rules for our organization, we will acknowledge the Bible as the final source of authority for all of our decisions.

We are not trying to establish a religious group, for "acknowledgment" does not have the same meaning as establishment. One can acknowledge the presence and authority of a person, even a person with whom one disagrees, without having that acknowledgment lead to the establishment of a religious group. To acknowledge that the Speaker of the House wields much influence and power, and to acknowledge his position as possibly the most important position in Congress, is certainly not the equivalent of establishing a religion to him; even to ask for his aid or assistance in a matter is not the establishment of a religion to him. The same is true of the acknowledgement of God and Bible in our home school group.

The acknowledgment of God is an ingredient that must be included in our home school group in order for us to enjoy any form of widespread, continuing success. The Book of Proverbs declares: "In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths." (Pr. 3:6)


The Bible also records God as having promised: "Whoever honors me, I will honor. And whoever disregards me, I will disregard." (I Sam. 2:30) 1

1David Barton, "To Pray or Not to Pray, " pg. 113, 114


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