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Background Check Consent 21-22

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DasCHE Criminal Background Check Consent Form

The safety of our children is always the main concern at DasCHE.  Therefore, each and every adult who is a member of DasCHE will need to submit to a criminal background check.  This includes all Co-op tutors, in-class helpers at Co-op, substitute tutors, study hall monitors, nursery workers, coaches, and all parents.   Each and every adult who serves during our association and co-op activities needs to submit his/her own information.

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Name on Driver's License  (First  Middle  Last)

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Please check which category best describes your involvement in DasCHE Scholastic Co-op:

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Parent/Adult Member Co-op Tutor
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If Other, please list the activity or committee with which you are planning to help.

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Do you voluntarily consent to this background check?

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Have you ever been convicted of any felony?

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Have you ever been convicted of any misdemeanor?

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Do you currently have any felony or misedemeanor charges pending against you?


If yes (to any of these), please explain:

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Driver’s License #

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State Issued

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By typing your full name and today's date in this box, you are indicating your consent to a criminal background check.