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DasCHE Spring Dual Credit Registration is now closed.


DasCHE Members Dual Credit Enrollment

DasCHE Dual Credit Refund Policy:
If a class does not make the family will be issued a $300.00 REFUND.
If the student decides to drop the class after registration there will be a $50.00 processing fee charged and a $250.00 REFUND.

A Note About Dual Credit at DasCHE

From my heart, To all the families of DasCHE

For the last several months I have been working on a project very near and dear to my heart. I am very passionate about this subject, so I want to start out by telling you about this passion. What is this all about? Well, I am absolutely beside myself with joy to share this with all of you. One of my life’s greatest missions is and has been to be part of something that truly wins the hearts and minds of this nation for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To this end, we have been working on a project to bring Dual Credit right here to DasCHE. We want to strive to bring the same faith-driven Christian world view we have built in the K-12 setting to the College and Dual Credit realm. I have been part of a team at DasCHE that have worked with passion to bring this to our campus. I want to thank all the members of our DasCHE Association Board for their support and efforts! It truly has been a labor of love. We want to “take back” the space of higher education so heavily dominated by forces so aligned against our faith and our values. I believe this opens a new realm of possibilities for us here at DasCHE.

This fall, we are excited to be offering a selection of core classes. The classes are sponsored from LeTourneau University right here in our home state of Texas.  The classes are each 3-credit hour courses, and the tuition rate is $100.00 per credit hour for each class.  Classes will be hybrid in that they will meet in person on Mondays at Mansfield First Baptist, and they will also involve an additional online class portion.  We have cross referenced with UTA and they do accept transfer credits from LeTourneau.

We will be offering the following courses:

  • POLS2503 - US Government taught by Kristen Crady 
  • BUSI1173 - Intro to Business taught by Dr. Jennifer Smith
  • MATH1203 - College Algebra taught by Jenny Meyer
  • PSYC2013 - Intro to Psychology, taught by Dr. Jennifer Smith
  • PSYC2143 -  Human Growth and Development taught by Dr. Catherine Wood

We are working on adding additional classes through LeTourneau and we hope to have Business, English, and other courses available in time for the spring semester registration.  Stay tuned for updates!

The following UTA web page has been provided to us listing the universities the UT system accepts transfer students from. https://www.uta.edu/admissions/apply/transfer/credit/tes

We are working with our partner in this, Christian Halls International.  Once you are registered through our enrollment process, you will be directed to their portal to complete your registration process.  Their portal will have the available classes listed for you to select.

This program is also open to families outside of DasCHE. Families who are not currently members of DasCHE will pay a Building and Use Fee as part of their registration process. Please pass this information along to other home schooling families who may be interested in participating in this exciting development.

On behalf of the DasCHE Board,

-- Mark Snyder

DasCHE Dual Credit Overview

Spring 2023 Classes Offered

Enrollment Process

You will begin your enrollment process on the DasCHE website. Then you will be guided through the following steps:

  • Complete DasCHE enrollment forms and pay Building & Use Fee (non-members only)
  • Complete Christian Halls Application and pay $25 application fee (one-time fee)
  • Apply to LeTourneau University
    • Application
    • Student Essay
    • Transcripts
    • References

 Costs and Fees

  • Course tuition is $100 per credit hour ($300/class) payable to DasCHE before the start of classes ($50 deposit due upon registration)
  • Each student will also pay a $25 application fee to Christian Halls International
  • Families who are not current members of DasCHE will pay a $50 Building and Use Fee upon registration.


Questions?  Contact us at [email protected]