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DasCHE Scholastic Co-op

Supporting and promoting the home education of school-age children
by their parents according to the admonition of the Bible

The DasCHE Scholastic Co-op operates from September to May each year.

New members are only accepted in May and June; no new members are accepted during the school year.

New Family Requirements

To be considered for membership in DasCHE Scholastic Co-op, families must:

  • Attend a New Family Meetings (All New Family Meetings for 2018-2019 enrollment have been completed.  Our next New Family Meeting will be May 6, 2019, at 6:00 p.m. at First Baptist Church, Mansfield.)
  • Homeschool their children for a minimum of one year before Co-op participation.
  • Provide a portfolio of home school work and/or report card to be reviewed at the new family interview.
  • Provide two references who will provide a comprehensive character assessment for each student enrolling.
  • Not be on a waiting list for a charter, private or public school.

The Co-op Handbook contains policies, procedures, frequently asked questions, and more!

The Co-op Schedule shows the schedule of classes for 2018-19.